2021 Virtual Certified Trade Mission to Switzerland

Investors from Switzerland & Western Europe

July 7, 2021

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2021 Virtual Certified Trade Mission to Switzerland

Investors from Switzerland & Western Europe

July 7, 2021

For all Alternative Asset Fund Managers
One-to-One meetings with pre-qualified investors
HNWI, Family Offices and Institutions

Key Features

Minimum of 30 one-on-one personal meetings with leading institutions and family offices Switzerland & other Western European countries

LPs from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Belgium, The Netherlands

Focused, structured, organized and pre-arranged private meetings

Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration

No placement agency fees or commissions

Full contact information and background provided to GPs prior to all meetings

Promotion of your firm to 150+ local institutional investors, single and multi-family offices

What are the cost benefits of participating in Trade Missions?


The Trade Mission to Singapore was one of the most well-organized and productive events we have attended. It was an excellent way to meet a broad range of key institutions and private investors in the region, and we found it highly worthwhile.

Lacey Mehran, Vice President, VSS

  1. Without the trade mission format it would be impossible to set up 40-50 LP meetings in one day with pre-qualified potential LPs. It would require multiple days and multiple trips. This is a major benefit in terms of dollars, time, and energy saved.
  2. The same level of meetings would probably require a minimum of two to three trips to meet the same number of high-level people. These additional trips alone are equivalent to or will cost more than the Trade Mission in terms of airfare and hotel.
  3. A placement agent would also charge you a commission on your earned management fee and on your performance fee. There are no commissions charged on ANY investments you receive during the Trade Mission.
  4. There is a cost in time and energy involved in identifying prospects, securing contact info, contacting the prospects, convincing them to meet and then coordinating the schedule in an efficient manner. The Trade Mission takes place on one day. This is a major advantage and a significant save in time, expense and opportunity cost. As we all know, “Time is Money”.

Event Co-Chair(s)

Boaz Barack, Founder & Chairman, Bonart Financial Performance Ltd

Creativity and courage are my Vaccines

Dr. Boaz Barack has over 30 years of experience in global banks and investment firms. His international career has focused on asset management and transforming innovative financial products into bankable solutions. Barack was on the senior management team of the two leading Swiss banks, Credit Suisse and UBS.

He describes himself as an accomplished investor and an excellent fundraiser. Barack focused on new ways of raising capital in private markets and assisted investment funds with their distribution challenges.

His current involvement is in new-age banking, focusing on banking products’ innovation and redesigning financial services. In doing so, he strives to develop a new perspective on finance in writing and practice.

His drive and passion are evident when considering the various professional positions he has held throughout his career. He has interacted with multiple leaders, from top companies to politicians to intellectual leaders worldwide. They consulted with him on modernized technology for their organizations. He currently holds several prestigious positions on international boards, advisory boards of multinational foundations, stock exchanges, and banks’ advisory boards.

Barack is passionate about taking on big challenges, mostly worldwide, that matter to his clients and himself. He works with his clients as much as with his colleagues. Barack builds their skills and financial capabilities at every level and every opportunity. He does this to provide internal support, address real issues, and arrive at practical recommendations. Barack promotes his firm, Bonart Financial Performance, to bring out clients’ skills to fully participate in their financial process and manage the ongoing work.

Bonart is an independent Swiss strategic advisory and execution firm covering comprehensive service offerings throughout the lifespan of our clients’ interests.

We help create and issue certificates – structured financial products – that advance investors’ access and help asset managers expand globally.

Driven by our vision for corporate financing-management and promoting innovative investments, we are veteran professionals offering our clients expertise, business insights, and a roadmap to success.

Our mission is to mobilize private capital globally by facilitating introductory meetings between our vast network.

Bonart started in 2010 as a successful family and private introductions facilitator providing a bespoke and highly discreet service to its ultra-high-net-worth partners and their families.

Utilizing its trusted network, Bonart guaranteed privileged access to exclusive business opportunities, specializing in careful introductions to its network and the acquisition and disposal of proprietary based assets. Bonart’s partners liked the clear rules we establish for decision making, allowing them to remain in control at all times through a simple review process of all investments.

Our track record is impeccable, brokering highly complex and sensitive deals and ensuring that the right people are included in the mix to “close the deal.”

Our Network

  • Private Equity partners – cooperate with us to increase their investment exposure. Our experience allows us to execute a wide range of transactions, including growth capital and buyout, valuations, and fair opinions
  • Family Offices –  we originated as a family boutique created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. As an international entrepreneurial family, we offer the benefits of our expertise developed over a decade. We strive to share our knowledge and global network with families, businesses who need support, pragmatic solutions, and personalized guidance in challenging times

Trust is at the heart of everything we do

Korosh Farazad, Founder and Chairman of Farazad Group & CEO of Farazad Investments Hong Kong

Mr. Korosh Farazad – Respected Founder and Chairman of Farazad Group & CEO of Farazad Investments Hong Kong, is renowned within the industry as a pioneer on several fronts. Over the years, he has established a strong platform within the banking industry. He was awarded by the IAIR Awards as the ‘CEO of the Year for Structured Finance Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)’ 2015, and awarded with the ‘Best Structured Finance Company 2015’, by European CEO.  Recently, Farazad Investments was awarded by CFI.co ‘Best Private Equity Real Estate Group Global 2020’.

His unique approach has been at the forefront to the firm’s success and paved the way for international recognition from regulatory bodies, who actively seek out his expertise. It is this transparent approach to financing and creative thinking, which introduced an award-winning in-house financing formula.

Mr. Farazad’s unrivaled knowledge of International Banking, Finance and the understanding of Investments catapulted the core of the business in the late nineties, in facilitating medium-to-large scale structured financing for major projects worldwide.

Mr. Farazad established Farazad Advisory Limited in the United Kingdom in the fourth quarter of 2015, which further expands the brand across the five Continents. Farazad Advisory Limited provides professional and structured guidance on a variety of mixed-use real estate investment opportunities with a strong focus on hospitality available in the United Kingdom and overseas markets. Other services include consultancy services, in-depth market analysis and feasibility reports.

Mr. Farazad is also Vice Chairman (Non-Executive) of a Swiss UHNW Family Office Group and Founding Member of the Board for Trinity Hospitality Group, which specialises in acquiring underperforming hotels across United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Ladislav Sekerka, Partner, Consillium Family Office

Ladislav became a Partner at Consillium Family Office after serving 12 years at UBS Wealth Management in Zurich and Vienna.
As an Executive Director, he advised HNWI, UHNW and family office clients across Central Europe. Ladislav is a Harvard Business School Alumnus and holds a Master’s degree from Masaryk University (Law) and Brno University of Technology (Economics).

Alexandra Tschopp, CEO, CEPAX Sustainable Solutions AG

Alexandra Tschopp is an Entrepreneur and Managing Partner of CEPAX, an independent strategic consulting firm with two business lines: capital raising services on the VC/PE side and fund advisory & project management services for foreign alternative investment funds defining coherent investor relations strategies . Prior to that, Alexandra spent more than 7 years in two premier-league executive search firms, having gained significant expertise as a consultant focusing on the financial services sector, where she carried out various surveys in the wealth management arena. The Unique Selling Point of CEPAX is a broad knowledge base of the European venture scene and an in-depth understanding and insight of the Swiss and European investor landscape, especially with regards to family offices.

Alexandra was instrumental in setting up the founding team of seed investors for PULSE Evolution (www.pulse.co), a leading US-based augmented reality firm and producer of ‘virtual humans’ for live and holographic concerts, advertising, feature films, branded content, medical applications and training. Alexandra is a shareholder of PULSE Evolution and successfully raised USD 8 mm for their Series A and B capital rounds prior to their IPO.

Besides that, she developed a clear industry focus in the international cleantech, energy and impact investment arena, where she advises several US and European cleantech PE and venture funds on an ongoing basis to support and prepare their market entry into Switzerland and their alliances with international partnerships.

Alexandra studied law at the University of Zurich and at the London School of Economics.

Dr Christopher Wahlquist, Partner, Aico Partners

Christopher Wahlquist has two decades of alternative investment experience and has been raising assets for alternative and traditional asset management products for almost 15 years. Before joining Aico Partners in 2011, he helped build the alternative investment business of UBS at its headquarter in Switzerland. Initially an investment committee member involved in fund selection and portfolio management, he later headed up the team’s global business development efforts, helping bring total AuM to $14bn at peak. Before that he worked for a UK based CTA. He speaks three European languages fluently.

Mr Wahlquist holds a Doctorate Degree from the University of St. Gallen and a Masters Degree from the Gothenburg School of Business and Commercial Law.

Nicolas A Widmer, Partner, Aico Partners

Nicolas Widmer has over two decades of alternative investment experience and has been raising assets for alternative and traditional asset management products for 20 years. Before founding Aico Partners in 1998 he was active in foreign exchange markets for almost 15 years, both as a trader and in treasury functions, within organizations like Citicorp and JP Morgan.

Aico Partners Ltd. and its predecessor Aico Alternative Investment Company AG is one of Europe´s longest standing asset raising firms. Founded in 1998 the firm has successfully been raising capital for asset management products, with a bias to alternative investments like, e.g. hedge funds, real estate and private equity funds, but also for more traditional long-only products.

With its origin in the center of Europe, Aico Partners has over the past two decades developed and extended its geographical reach and is today connected to a truly pan-European investor basis across all allocator segments.

LP Participant Profile

LPs will be invited by our co-chairs and the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland. LPs will be invited from across all of Switzerland as well as the neighboring Western European countries including Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Monaco. We expect strong attendance from more than thirty highly qualified pension funds and insurance companies, banks, single- and multi-family offices, wealth management advisors, and high net worth individuals that either have exposure to U.S. alternative assets or have expressed an interest in doing so in the future. This Certified Trade Mission will provide you the opportunity for one-on-one private meetings with each LP in attendance. Over one thousand LPs have been identified as potential Institutional and family office attendees. The LP list will be qualified further once the U.S. delegation is selected to ensure compatibility with the U.S. Funds attending.


July 7, 2021

  • US Fund Manager Schedule
  • 3:45 am PST
    6:45 am EST

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  • 4:00 am - 7:30 am PST
    7:00 am - 10:30 am EST

    One-on-one meetings. Members of the U.S. delegation will meet one-on-one with each investment professional from the leading Swiss and Western European institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, and family offices. Each attendee will meet with each LP. Meetings will be approximately twenty minutes long.

  • 7:30 am PST
    10:30 am EST

    Trade Mission Ends

  • Times for Delegates from Switzerland and Western Europe
    All times are Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)
  • 12:45 pm
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  • 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
    One-on-one meetings. Members of the U.S. delegation will meet one-on-one with each investment professional from the leading Swiss and Western European institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, and family offices. Each attendee will meet with each LP. Meetings will be approximately twenty minutes long.

  • 4:30 pm
    Trade Mission Ends

*The government of the United States, particularly the US Department of Commerce and the US Embassy is not involved in selecting or recruitment for this mission. Such selection and recruitment is strictly left to the mission organizer. The US and foreign commercial service supports the goals of this event but does not endorse the specific products or views of the participating organization.


Attendance is by invitation only. The quantity of fund manager participation is strategically limited to maximize the level of overall access and one on one meeting opportunities with our foreign institutional investor attendees. Since space is limited, we encourage you to register immediately to reserve your spot.

Please email irwin@trademissions.org for information on the fees to attend.

Included in your certified trade mission fee are the following:

Complete Conference program including one on one meetings arranged with leading institutional investors and family offices from Switzerland and Western Europe

Distribution of your materials to Institutions prior to the Trade Mission

Complete LP information book received one week prior to the Trade Mission


Virtual Trade Mission – No accommodations


Cancellation Policy
The cancellation policy is as follows:

Within 30 days of registration: 75% refund
31-60 days after registration: 50% refund
More than 60 days after registration: No refund