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June 18, 2024

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera Opernpl. 16, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Buffet Networking Breakfast with GP's

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Members of the US delegation will meet in one on one meetings with investment professionals from Frankfurt's institutional investors and family offices

12:30 PM Buffet Networking Lunch with GP's



Joerg-Peter Schultheis

Joerg-Peter Schultheis

CEO at JP Schultheis Family Office Innovative Investments


Peter Sexton

Peter Sexton

Director, Global Financial Services Team Senior International Trade Specialist U.S. Commercial Service

Brian N. Beams

Brian N. Beams

Deputy Director, Global Financial Services Team U.S. Commercial Service


“I thought the Trade Mission was one of the most unique fundraising assets I’ve ever seen. The ability to have 50+ warm leads provided over the course of 1 day is phenomenal. It would have been impossible for our fund to have done anything like this ourselves and I doubt any financial service organizations could have provided a stronger group. I would highly recommend the Trade Mission, not just because of the quantity of potential investors but the quality of investors.”

– Maxx Bricklin, Principal, Bold Capital Partners, LP

There will be a total of 12-15 US funds. They will be registering over the next few months. Please check back for updates

PraCon Global Investment Group

Real Estate

PraCon Global Investment Group invests in undervalued assets and transformational companies in the verticals of Finance, Agriculture, Technology, Energy, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Automotive. Our approach is simple. We are looking for Startups, Mature Firms, Portfolios of Assets, and Individual assets that are innovative and within our verticals.

Full Spectrum Capital Partners

Through our partnership, Full Spectrum Labs, Impact Finance Center and Dev Labs Venture Fund collaborate to build ecosystems and marketplaces for innovation that lift up solutions and leaders emerging from communities that have been marginalized historically. By building innovation clusters in communities and connecting them to communities of capital stewards with a commitment to social and ecological impact, we make it easy to come together and align growing financial value with our deepest shared values.

Cold Bore Capital Management

Private Equity

Cold Bore Capital, a veteran-led private equity firm based in Chicago, uniquely specializes in small-cap buyouts, targeting businesses within the lower-middle market with EBITDAs ranging from $500K to $5M. What sets Cold Bore Capital apart is its Operations Group, fully staffed by veterans from elite military units. This firm not only seeks to invest but also to facilitate a seamless transition of leadership to these seasoned veterans, ensuring both the preservation of the legacy and the infusion of unparalleled operational excellence into its partner companies.

New 2ND Capital

Private Equity

New 2ND Capital is a New York based private equity firm with over $1.48 billion in assets under management (per 12/31/2022). We invest in middle market companies through GP-led secondaries transactions in North America, including continuation funds and fund restructurings. Our customized solutions address liquidity, capital and strategic needs of sponsors and investors.

Mountain V Oil & Gas, Inc.

Private Equity

From humble beginnings in the mountains of West Virginia, Mountain V has expanded its footprint into seven states and currently operates over 3,100 conventional and unconventional wells. With a focus on exploration and production, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to meeting the goal of achieving energy independence responsibly.

NetService Ventures Group

Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals

Our firm operates within the digital media space, including digital advertising, content, and distribution technologies that are remaking the way consumers interact with their digital lives. We do strategic consulting and early stage investing within this sector.

Ascent Systematic Advisors LLC

Hedge Fund

We are a specialty asset management firm focused on systematic investment strategies, with the goal of eliminating behavioral bias in stock investing. We apply a proprietary systematic investment process designed to capture idiosyncratic trends in stocks. We provide investment management services to RIAs, institutions and high net worth individuals through customized separately managed accounts.

Legal Funding

Hedge Fund

RD Legal Funding, a pioneer in litigation financing, has provided financial support to plaintiffs, their attorneys and other professionals within the legal community for more than 25 years. Our deep experience allows us to develop sophisticated financing solutions for virtually every facet of the litigation chain, meeting financial needs throughout the legal industry.


Diversifying your portfolio with alternatives can help protect against market volatility. But not all alts are created equal. Uncorrelated alts are the key to true diversification. Equi aims to provide investors with a basket of alternatives that are uncorrelated to public markets so that wealth can compound even when markets go sideways.

Epidarex Capital

Venture Capital

Epidarex Capital is a leading transatlantic venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, high growth life science opportunities in under-ventured markets. Epidarex funds ground-breaking research, often building companies from scratch, to address large unmet medical needs with solutions that provide significant benefits to patients.

U.S. Department of Commerce Certified Trade Mission:

Introductions to Leading U.S. Alternative Asset Fund Managers

This Trade Mission is arranged exclusively for investors seeking to meet with leading U.S. fund managers.

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