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Thanks for hosting last week’s event. It was very insightful and I enjoyed the “speed-dating” format. I’ve been following up with the managers of interest via email.

Ashley T. KnightCredit Suisse

Thank you so much for organising this. It was very organised. Many of the fund managers are already doing the follow ups. It has been a productive event. Would love participate in future events like this. Do keep posted and stay in touch.


It was indeed an interesting morning.  The discussions made me appreciate how dynamic and deep the VC universe is in the USA and how encouraging this must be for the younger generation of GPs.  We had a great meeting with [xxxx] who are in a business similar to ours.  Hopefully will initiate a dialogue with them.

George Y FilmeridisExecutive DirectorOxley Capital Limited

Thank you for having me at the CTM. I found the sessions very interesting. There will be follow ups. I enjoyed the structure and the approach of a diverse multi strategy platform. The direct small groupings allowed for a snappy Q&A, useful.

Florence Hepzibah

The program was well organised and on time. I enjoyed it.

OoiFalconcrest Limited

Very excellent program. Useful for us. Appreciate your effort.  

Poir Mok125 Capital Singapore

Thank you very much for including me.  I hope that the day of LP/GP meetings was successful.  I’m grateful for the various contacts that I made. I hope that the rest of your trade missions are successful.  Slowly but surely Asian interest in alternative assets is growing.

Veronica JohnSenior Managing Director

Thank Irwin. I enjoyed the session and have no suggestions for improvement.

Sean Low Shien AngGIC Singapore

It was a very nice event – I think the format is fine, would be great to have more of these events.

Hogi HyunAbacus Capital

Thanks much – we enjoyed it as well, as intensive as it was! This was Granite’s first time on a Trade Mission. We met several family office and brokers, and found the experience to be an efficient way to meet several potential investors that we would otherwise not likely have met. Katsof Consulting did a great job of arranging the logistics and setting the agenda.

SametGranite Hill

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