conducts Trade Missions in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration to assist U.S. Alternative Asset Fund Managers connect with sources of capital.

“”’s goal is to help US Fund managers raise capital outside of the US. It has successfully helped many of America’s fund managers get access to capital worldwide. can extend your global access to investors. Trade Mission attendees are introduced to a worldwide network of Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Endowments, Sovereign Wealth Funds, High Net worth Individuals, Family Offices and Multi Family Offices. In partnership with the US Department of Commerce, one-to-one meetings are arranged for each US Fund Manager with between thirty to fifty pre-qualified LP’s. There are never any placement agency fees or commissions on a Trade Mission. The program has been conducted worldwide and continues to grow in popularity.

Trade Missions are held annually in six to eight different countries. Countries that have hosted Alternative Asset Fund Manager Trade Missions include Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and the UK.

Irwin Katsof

Irwin wants to see his children (and 20 grandchildren) inherit a world that is on its way to a more peaceful and harmonious future.

­Irwin Katsof

Irwin has garnered a reputation as a conscientious businessman that seeks out opportunities to both aid businesses and the global good. Before Irwin was a businessman he was a father and a rabbi. As a father of eight, Irwin wants to see his children (and 20 grandchildren) inherit a world that is on its way to a more peaceful and harmonious future. As a rabbi, Irwin believes that people have a responsibility to be kind and compassionate to each other. These are the foundations of Irwin’s business philosophy.

Jacob Katsof

Jacob is a level 20 chess player, loves to snowboard, and plays ice hockey as a goaltender. He is also a WW2 enthusiast.

­Jacob Katsof

Jacob Katsof is an avid entrepreneur. In 2015 he left his position as Director of Mobile apps at PCS Wireless to co-found UpChannel. UpChannel is currently deployed in over 100 countries and has signed contracts to be pre-installed on 100 million tier two Android smartphones. He works with as a learning and relationship building opportunity. Jacob is married with a 4-year-old son, a 2-year-old daughter and six-year-old cat named Cuddles.


­Bracha "Brooke" Katsof

Bracha has been with Trademissions since joining in 2012. She has a wealth of experience in planning, organizing, and hosting trade missions all around the globe, with a main focus on the Asian markets. Bracha is also involved in an organization called America’s Voices, where she brings top celebrities from North and Latin America to Israel and acts as the trip liaison. She resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, but also spends much of her time in New York, Hong Kong, and other major cities around the world.

Esther Stolbach

In her spare time she enjoys snowboarding and hiking. 

­Esther Stolbach

Esther is currently enrolled in her 4th year at Stevens Institute of Technology studying Computer Science. She spent a semester abroad at the University of New South Wales, Australia and loves to travel, which fits in well with her work at

Consistent with philosophy of making the world a better place, she is Campus ambassador for the Gift of Life bone marrow donor registry.

Hila Dekel

­Hila Dekel

Hila Dekel is a certified Energy Medicine Health Coach from the Four Winds Society School. A hypnotherapist, yoga teacher, Integrative Nutrition health coach and a therapeutic bodyworker. Hila has worked and interned with Dr. Alberto Violldo in Peru, Chile, Germany, Switzerland and Miami, and has coordinated various mind-body detox retreats and shamanic energy medicine schools.

Yelena V. Zemtsova, CFA

­Yelena V. Zemtsova, CFA

Vice President, Business Development

Yelena has 19 years of international experience in the financial services industry in the US, Europe and Asia. She brings a unique combination of financial PR, investment banking and wealth management experience. Prior roles include Head of Investor Relations at Asia Capital & Advisors and she is a founder and CEO of PR Squared Worldwide Eurasia Bridge since 2015. Previously, Yelena held several roles in wealth management and in corporate and financial advisory in Singapore and in fund management in Europe. She began her career in Financial and Operational Audit in the US and then in France. Yelena graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Memphis (USA) with an MBA in Finance and she is a member of the Singapore CFA Society. In 2018-2019 she completed a Senior Management Program at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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